Don’t blame the president

To the editor:

Recently, with the bombs being sent and the shooting at the Pittsburgh Synagogue, I decided to write one more letter.

The Democrats and the media are blaming President Trump for the bombs, the killing of the 11 people, and the caravan with thousands of illegals wanting to cross the border. Here is an example of a news headline on the Boston Post newspaper front page, “Bomber suspect outspoken supporter of Trump.” In my opinion the 12 bombs were sent to mostly Senators and Democratic critics of President Trump. I would say the bombs sent were “a shot across the bow,” (meaning a warning to a person to stop or change what they are doing). The shooting which was done by a deranged or violent Trump hater in a Pittsburgh Synagogue, the media and Democrats are blaming Trump and he had nothing to do with the bombing or the killing of 11.

The caravan: I have been waiting 50 years or more for a president to come along and fix the immigration issue and change the way the country was going down “a slippery slope.” It turned out the President is Donald J. Trump, finally getting the border secure with military troops on the border and BUILDING THE WALL! Its only 50 years too late. We wouldn’t have this problem if it had been done 50 years ago.

As for the protestors and Senators at the Kavanaugh hearing who tried to disrupt and delay and demonstrating after he had been confirmed are nothing but a bunch of cry babies who “were born in the basement and never brought up”.

Gentleman from the Midwest who clings to his guns and religion.

Harvey Fruhwirth

New Ulm