Paying nation’s bills responsible thing to do


After he was elected speaker on the 15th ballot, Kevin McCarthy promised that the U.S. House under Republican leadership would protect the national economy, saying that the party was committed to “stop wasteful Washington spending, to lower the price of groceries, gas, cars, housing, and stop ...

Safe bet majority of Catholics believe in ‘Real Presence’


To the editor: The Jan 9, 2023 Salena Zito column ‘New generation of Catholics discovers Latin Mass 60 years after Vatican II’, described the Latin Mass as rich, mysterious, strictly arranged, Gregorian chants and periods of profound silence play out while plumes of incense float through ...

Nepo babies


I’ve just discovered a new term that’s been going around the past year, showing I was behind the pop culture curve. However it describes something I noticed quite some time ago so I guess I was ahead of the curve. The term is “nepo baby.” Nepo stands for nepotism. The first ...

Ousting Santos


To the editor: How is it that recently-elected Congressman George Santos can totally lie on his resume regarding everything about his life from his family’s background, his education, his work history, everything, and yet be accepted as a lawmaker in D.C.? Every word he utters to reporters ...