Sanity no longer exists in America


To the editor: All three branches of our government are so corrupt and totally uncaring about our own people. We are just a number to provide the monies for the Feds to throw away to the dictators, then making ridiculous deals with them to endure our national security. Congress chaos goes ...

Lessons from a toddler


Thanksgiving is behind us, and I am thankful for that. Between the pre-meal munching, the actual feast, the gratuitous post-feast noshing, I feel as stuffed as, well, a Thanksgiving turkey. And don’t get me started on the leftovers, which somehow taste better the second time around. Black ...

Estranged due to a car loan


Dear Annie: My stepchildren cut their father out of their lives. It started with his daughter, who did this after her father would not co-sign a car loan. Her own mother had refused as well. Since then, he has reached out to his daughter but gets no response. She doesn’t like me, and when she ...

Aluminum foil leaches into food


Dear Heloise: I’ve recently read a couple of articles on the dangers of cooking with aluminum. We’ve used aluminum foil on our grill for several years. Is this really something to be concerned about? -- Lynn N., Beaverton, Oregon Lynn, the main worry with aluminum foil is that it can ...

Perspective shift helps manage family drama


Dear Annie: When our son was born eight years ago this month, my husband and I were excited to have family from both sides come and help us and be there to support us. We had been told by many people, both at the hospital and birthing classes, what to expect. Quite the opposite happened, and ...

Surprised by neighbor’s come-on


Dear Annie: I was at home making a sandwich recently when my close friend’s wife from next door came through the back door. She called out and said she just wanted to see how I was doing. I said I was great and asked if she wanted a sandwich and a beer. She said no to the sandwich but yes to ...