Hold politicians accountable


To the editor: Setting aside the debate on the legitimacy of the 2020 election, the result is the reality we are now living in. The pain of high energy prices, food prices, inflation, supply chain crisis, high crime rates, falling stock market that is destroying future retirement funds for ...

Creators of instability seek to cause chaos to provide their remedy


To the editor: Individual sovereignty is the basis of political stability. Those who deny individual sovereignty to push an agenda, cause instability as their goal for chaos. Beware of chaos, because those who create the chaos have the remedy for it. Their answer would not be acceptable had ...

Millennials can change world, starting right now


To the class of 2022 and all the millennials coming of age in these times of pandemic, economic and racial strife, environmental deterioration and the perpetuation of disinformation leading to the rise of authoritarianism, the world needs you, and it needs you right now. It seems there are ...

Petition’s misconceptions show lack of understanding


To the editor: The Human Rights Commission would like to respond to the June 15 letter by Mr. Thom expressing his confusion over the attack on human rights presented by a recent petition to the ISD 88 School Board. In his message, Mr. Thom demonstrates a lack of basic understanding as to what ...