Thumbs Up/Down


CTE Center THUMBS UP: District 88 held open house this week in its new Career and Technical Education center, or CTE. District 88 has the makings of a first-rate CTE program, dedicated to helping introduce and train students toward careers in the skilled trades and business. The district got ...

ISD 88 Foundation supports Dist. 88 questions


To the editor: In keeping with our Mission, the ISD 88 Foundation endorses District 88’s upcoming levy referendum in the special election to be held on Nov. 2, 2021. Strong schools mean a strong community and we are lucky to have excellent school systems in New Ulm. Strong schools attract ...

Redistricting problems


With the 2020 Census finally in the books, state legislatures throughout the country face the task of redrawing congressional and legislative district boundaries to balance out the populations in each. This ensures that each citizen in each district will get equal representation — one person, ...

Another perspective on CRT


To the editor: The acronym ‘CRT’ has been increasing in popularity and becoming a topic of interest in conversations. CRT stands for Critical Race Theory. The group ‘We the People 507’ invites you to attend the presentation by Kendall Qualls called “The Fallacy of CRT” on ...

The planet’s not in peril


To the editor: The planet is not in peril. Have you noticed the beauty outside? Orange, red, yellow, deep maroon, and good old green, on an immense canvas right before our eyes! God could have created the earth with no color. Some worry about the earth warming. Be thankful that the Siberian ...

Deal-making in D.C. among Democrats


President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan is undergoing some contractions this week. The $3.5 trillion spending bill is down to about $2 trillion. Biden met with groups of Democratic senators on Tuesday, hoping to sell them on a reduced plan that will still carry some of his top ...