COVID numbers falling as vaccinations rise


On Tuesday, for the first time in over a year, the state of Minnesota Department of Health recorded fewer than 100 new cases of COVID-19. Only 95 new cases were reported for the first time since April 2020. And the state reported only one additional death. Brown County has been seeing similar ...

Working for a budget


Gov. Tim Walz and legislative leaders were reportedly working all weekend to come up with a budget plan for the state that could be approved at a special session the governor is calling for today. We’re not sure how they were doing because of the closed door negotiations, but we supppose a ...

Take out ‘straw purchasers’ of guns


The rash of shootings in Minneapolis and St. Paul has people on edge, especially after three children were killed by stray bullets in recent weeks. The number of illegal guns out on the street seems to be growing, and that’s due to “straw purchasers.” These are people who have no criminal ...

More on the Biden Administration


To the editor: A few members of the Biden Administration. 1) Ambassador to the United Nations. Linda Thomas Greenfield. In her speech to the United Nations she said “the United States is a racist country.“ What a terrible thing to say about the United States to the United Nations. In my ...

Thumbs Up/Down


Sports success THUMBS UP: With all the local student athletes and teams heading to the various state tournaments next week, it’s hard to know where to begin to say congratulations. Let’s start with the Springfield High School baseball and softball teams, who are both heading to their ...