Thumbs up/down


THUMBS UP Oak Hills’ proactive approach The Oak Hills Living Center  continues to take a proactive approach to the struggles facing rural nursing homes. In rural Minnesota, there is a crisis in nursing home care. Senior care facilities are having difficulty with recruitment and ...

Try this simple way to clean walls


Dear Readers: When washing your walls, dust them before washing and wash them from the bottom up so that the drips won’t leave their marks. Clean one small area at a time, then rinse and dry before moving on to another area. -- Heloise COOKING OATS Dear Heloise: I have found that using my ...

Vic Roznovsky and memories


Raise your hand if you remember Vic Roznovsky? Unless this gets to Vic’s hometown of Shiner, Texas, that would be none of you. Vic had a small Major League career as a backup catcher for the Baltimore Orioles in the 1960s. It coincided with summers when I played dice baseball with my ...

Naming of cars: every great car deserves a good name


I’ve owned three different cars in my life, and all three have had a carefully chosen name. I’ve only owned three because I believe in saving up for at least 10 years, buying a brand new car and keeping it as long as possible. It doesn’t make sense to buy used. You have no idea what ...

Speaker Johnson just doing his job


To the editor: I consider myself a mix of Republican and Democrat. And, at this moment in time when there is a Grand Canyon of partisan divide, I would like to applaud Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson. His fellow Republican representatives are trying to punish him for doing his job. ...

Killing insects


Dear Readers: Every spring, without fail, I receive numerous letters about killing insects that make life miserable. Since no one likes bugs in their home, I’m going to address this problem that many of my readers have written in about. -- Heloise COCKROACHES Dear ...