Thumbs Up/Down


Lots to do in NU THUMBS UP: It is nice to get back to the situation where there’s usually a lot of interesting things to do in New Ulm on a weekend. Last year at this time you could hardly get into a local baseball game. This weekend, no one can complain about having nothing to do. State ...

The truth will prevail


To the editor: I was pleased to read in The Journal (Friday, July 23, 2021) the editor’s View: “January 6 investigation must be held.” Have we replaced the value of truth with lies? My mother and father told and taught me not to tell lies. If we did we were reprimanded for sure. I ...

Jan. 6 investigation must be held


The events of Jan. 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol are unprecedented. Never before has a mob broken into the nation’s capitol to disrupt Congress in the midst of its duties — the certification of the election of a U.S. president. This was an appalling event, one that is being described ...

Good place to do business


To the editor: As I have taken my journey through life I have witnessed a lot of businesses that have opened and closed over the years. Grocery stores, car dealers, implement dealers. It would always hurt the most if it was a business that I would support. The small town of Lafayette will ...

Weather doesn’t respect borders


Perhaps you noticed the moon the last couple of nights with a reddish tint as it crept across the sky. No doubt you saw the haze in the air as you looked down the street Wednesday, or across the valley. Meteorologists tell us the haze is being caused by wildfires burning in the West, affecting ...

CRT in K-12


To the editor: A recent letter writer pointed out that Critical Race Theory (CRT) is not taught as a class in our primary and secondary schools. That, no doubt, is true. So then, if Critical Race Theory is not taught as a class in K-12, why make such a big deal out of it? Here’s why. CRT ...