Speaker Johnson just doing his job

To the editor:

I consider myself a mix of Republican and Democrat. And, at this moment in time when there is a Grand Canyon of partisan divide, I would like to applaud Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson. His fellow Republican representatives are trying to punish him for doing his job. Speaker Johnson seems to be actually taking into account ‘opposing’ viewpoints, and then trying to debate, tweak, and move forward on various issues. He seems to understand that even though our representatives are voted in by a specific party designation, ultimately they should realize that they are ‘representing’ their entire district. Johnson is doing his job, by presenting his party’s viewpoint, listening to the opposing comments and reasoning, and then working on what he considers a reasonable compromise. That is how a two-party government should work. That is what our kindergarten teacher taught all of us. Everyone has different and workable, thoughts and ideas. So, work together to arrive at the best solution. If only the rest Congress would do the same.

Deb Egeland

New Ulm


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