Here comes the judge

To the editor:

We have more lawlessness in the judicial branch of our country’s government today, which is directly related to the increase of lawlessness in our predominately blue run urban areas, across America.

As a parent, I found the most difficulty when trying to settle a dispute between two of my children. I learned that jumping to conclusions was always a failure. In any case there was always somebody who thought they were wronged.

In Trump’s New York case, brought on by Laticia James, nobody was wronged,except Trump. What does this say about the judicial system in our country? What can we do, as concerned citizens,to put a stop to injustice, to the lawlessness in courts, in our political system?

In this time of spring, when we celebrate Easter and are delighted to see so much greenery coming to life, we can remember to pray to the righteous judge, our Savior, who hung on the cross to help us all to discern between true and false, good and evil, right and wrong. Then, and only then,will lawlessness be diminished. To quote former President Trump, “In America we don’t worship government, we worship God.”

Marty Tracy



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