Darla Bode

April 25, 1936-Nov. 24, 2023 NEW ULM—With profound sadness we announce the passing of Darla, on November 24 th , 2023. She was our loving and ...

Looking to future of educational success

Powell and the Fed’s plan to stay the course on anti-inflation

Sanity no longer exists in America

To the editor: All three branches of our government are so corrupt and totally uncaring about our own people. We are just a number to provide the monies for the ...

On independent scholars

A response to Republicans and abortion issue

Lessons from a toddler

Thanksgiving is behind us, and I am thankful for that. Between the pre-meal munching, the actual feast, the gratuitous post-feast noshing, I feel as stuffed as, ...

Estranged due to a car loan

Aluminum foil leaches into food

Do you plan on spending more, less, or about the same as last year during Christmas shopping?

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