Keeping our children safe

Sleepy Eye’s wonderful lake/bike trail goes through Allison Park on the south side. Alongside the trail is a faded ten-foot metal merry-go-round. It had six bright colors fanning out from its center long ago. There is more rust than color now. It’s wobbly and not really level. It’s the ...

What’s on Your Mind?

With a weather forecast for a hot and humid week, how to you plan to beat the heat? Interviews and photos by Clay Schuldt

Father’s Day gift for the man who has everything

“Socks or underwear, maybe a nice tie.” That was the answer I got when I didn’t have all my adult teeth, when I’d ask, “Dad, what would you like for Father’s Day?” I went along with the answer to what I thought was my sneaky question and usually got my hero socks or underwear ...

Keep your farmland in production after retirement and beyond

As any farming family can attest, every farm has its own special history. The small farm I was raised on outside of Kiester is no exception. Our lives were rooted in the connection between land and community. Because of these important ties to the land, it concerns me the average farmer is ...