Minnesota health care in dire straits

To the editor:

A few months ago I needed ER care following a procedure.It was determined I needed to be transferred back to Mayo. The physician informed us that ambulance transport after 10:30 p.m. has been nonexistent for several months and it was up to us to get there. An EMT/medic crisis? This can happen to anyone folks. The Star Tribune ran an eye-opening article in the April 7 titled “Hospitals too busy to train Minnesota paramedic students, exacerbating shortage”.

Oak Hills bussed a group to the State Capital to influence the liberal tri-fecta that greater Minnesota’s being left behind or treated unfairly in long term nursing home care. Once again The Journal this week ran an article “Oak Hills group travels to capitol with old request and 2 new requests” of how nursing homes are being treated unfairly.

Minnesota yielded a 17 billion dollar surplus. That was all spent in addition of another billion in tax increases. Rebate checks (crumbs) were issued only to find out it’s subjected to federal taxes. Part of our rebate went to the IRS instead of Minnesotans. Thanks, give yourself a raise Governor. KSTP’s Tom Hauser put Governor Walz on the spot with constituents asking for 112 million dollars to address the EMT crisis. Gov. (Tim) Walz low balled with 16 million because the need may be greater than the ask and he wanted to wait for a bonding year. What are we to do in the meantime and how long’s the wait? Complete carelessness of all branches of Minnesota government.

The consequences of a tri-fecta government are the art of negotiation’s nonexistent, the voice of reason’s gone, and rational has no power.

Dean Schlumpberger

New Ulm


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