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A team of shooters takes turns shooting at clay targets at the Sioux Valley Gun Club in New Ulm.

MVL, NUC combine for joint clay target team

NEW ULM — In what is touted as the fastest-growing sport in Minnesota, clay target shooting has had new teams popping up throughout the state. Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School and New Ulm Cathedral High School are teaming up to form a brand-new clay target team, which will compete in ...

Photos courtesy of New Ulm Park and Recreation
The Hermann Swim Club will focus on training         swimmers to improve their skills.

New Ulm Park and Rec gears up for a new spring/summer season

NEW ULM — The New Ulm Park and Recreation department is gearing up for another spring/summer season filled with new activities aimed at both youth and adults. The department will feature the normal events geared toward younger participants this year along with new events designed to bring in ...

Photo courtesy of Mark Spencer
Bentz using a Porta-sub underwater propulsion unit at the Sea Hunt Forever event.

Bentz swims in the shadow of Lloyd Bridges at Sea Hunt Forever

Brown County Deputy Sheriff Ron Bentz has a flair for excitement. He’s drag raced at eighth-mile strips. In more recent days, he went scuba diving much as Lloyd Bridges did decades ago in his television series filmed at what is now Sea Hunt Forever in Silver Springs, Fla. Due to its crystal ...


Milk by the glass

Walk down a grocery aisle today and you will find a lot of competition for cow’s milk. Whether customers have a specific food allergy or just prefer the taste of one over another, customers are exploring their options. Let’s take a closer look at some of the competition. • Soy: You’ll ...

5 Habits that will held improve your metabolism

Metabolism is a word we hear often. But do we actually know what it does and how to take care of our own? The human body is truly amazing. Our body can take the food we eat and the beverages we drink and give us energy. Our bodies then use that energy to perform necessary functions such as ...

Tips to make more, waste less food

Do you ever look in your pantry or refrigerator and think: “Where did that come from?” Then you look at the product and notice there is no way you can use that in a meal at your house; there is mold or it’s past its best-use-by date. Proper meal planning, along with utilizing what’s in ...

Performance inspired nutrition: Whey more than you think

Do you want protein from a company that puts its customers’ needs first? Then check out newcomer Performance Inspired Nutrition. Performance Inspired Nutrition was started when entrepreneur, actor, and producer Mark Wahlberg and former 25-year EBP/CMO/GM at GNC, Tom Dowd, were inspired to ...

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Share your thoughts about the library

We always appreciate feedback from patrons, and right now we ask all citizens to tell us what you think of your New Ulm Public Library. Whether you’re a regular patron who checks out new books as soon as they are available, someone who attends programs occasionally, or someone who hasn’t ...

In Appreciation

Making pies for M.S. We, the Liebl sisters send a big thank you to the people who purchased pies for M.S A big thank you to Kevin at Hy-Vee for his exceptional help. This was our seventh year making pies for M.S. with the Liebl sisters.We cherish his expertise The Liebl sisters

A talk with an elder driver

In the next 20 years, the population of people age 65 and older is expected to reach 70 million. Many of these will be drivers. In fact, right now, there are about 30 million licensed drivers age 65 or older. People under age 75 have relatively low crash involvement. However, after age 75, ...

Off the Shelf: Conversations From the Cubicles: Large Print Edition

Betty: Do you know what’s so great about large print books? Kris: Everything? B: Mind-reader! Yes! Literally everything. K: So defining everything, are you thinking what I’m thinking? B: Well, I know that originally it was supposedly for seniors or folks with sight problems who were ...

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Anna Faust and Kurk Altmann

Anna Faust and Kurk Altmann

Butch and Aimee Altmann of Lafayette announce the engagement of their son Kurk Altmann to Anna Faust, daughter of Joe Faust and Erin Murphy of St. Paul. Kurk is a 2008 graduate of New Ulm Senior High School. Kurk holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Minnesota and ...

Kara Nelson 
and Jeremy Fluegge

Kara Nelson and Jeremy Fluegge

Kara Nelson and Jeremy Fluegge of New Ulm announce their engagement. Kara is the daughter of Karen Nelson and Brian Kuester of New Ulm. Jeremy is the son of John and LeAnna Fluegge. Kara is a 2005 graduate of New Ulm High School and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from the ...

Jamie Hagberg and Scott Maybanks

Jamie Hagberg and Scott Maybanks

Kris and Alan Hagberg of Lafayette announce the engagement of their daughter Jamie to Scott Maybaks, son of Tim and Tammy Maybanks of Onalaska, Wis. Jamie and Scott live and work in Seattle, Wash. They will be married on June 23, 2017, at Cannon Beach, Ore.

Bethany Saffert and William Schwarz

Bethany Saffert and William Schwarz

Together with their families, Bethany Susan Saffert and William Steven Schwarz announce their engagement. Bethany is a 2016 graduate of South Dakota State University where she studied Pharmacology. She is currently employed as a Pharmacist with Kroger in Grand Junction, Colorado. Billy is ...

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