Laffen was calm under pressure

SLEEPY EYE — If Sleepy Eye United senior Ben Laffen ever felt pressure on the golf course, it definitely was last Wednesday during the final ...

Dorothy Pedersen

SLEEPY EYE — Dorothy Ione Pedersen age 92, of Sleepy Eye died on May 27, 2018, in Buffalo. Memorial Service will be held at the Sturm Funeral ...

‘Dusty’ money should be used elsewhere

Do you have $15.4 billion socked away for a rainy day? We didn’t think so. But your government does, and the bureaucrats, backed by liberal lawmakers, don’t want ...

Dealing with the young immigrants

What to do about children who accompany parents crossing the border illegally into the United States is a heart-wrenching problem –and not as ...

Comments sought on Nicollet Co. plan

To the editor: As a Nicollet County Commissioner; I am often approached by our citizens in regard to on farm or other rural businesses. Most would like more ...

Thoughts on education, teaching

The cause of violence in schools?

What’s on your mind?

What’s Going On: Repeal laws no one follows, even the patriotic ones

Would arming teachers make schools safer from mass shooters?

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