656 Are Attending Public Schools, 450 Holy Trinity,

223 St. Mary’s and

201 Lutheran School.





Public and Holy Trinity

Parochial Schools Show

Decrease in Attendance

Owing to St. Mary’s School.


The first day of school showed an increase of twenty-nine pupils attending the high, public and parochial schools in New Ulm over that of last year. This year upon opening day 1,530 pupils enrolled in the local schools; last year the, number was 1,501. Vacation pleasures were laid aside, by some with reluctance, but however, most of the pupils greeted their teachers with smiling and happy faces.

Decrease in Some Buildings.

Owing to the opening of St. Mary’s Catholic school in the new parish on South Minnesota street the attendance in the public and Holy Trinity parochial school was somewhat decreased. The total attendance in the high amid public schools on Tuesday was 656, while last year it was 751. There were 450 who responded to their names at roll call upon Tuesday morning at the Catholic parochial school. Last year the number was 548.

Big Attendance at St. Mary’s.

The attendance at the new St. Mary’s Catholic parochial school exceeded expectations, and 223 were present on opening day. This will be increased considerably and it is expected that at least 250 will be present before the term progresses many weeks. The attendance at this new parochial school is drawn from the Holy Trinity Catholic school, as well as the public ward schools.

Attendance in High School.

The attendance in the different classes in the high school is greater than upon opening day last year. This year there were 230 reported for duty, while last year the number was 210. Superintendent A. Gloor states that a larger number of scholars are attending from nearby villages and communities than last year.

Principal Ralph Stewart states that it is anticipated the senior class at graduation time will be somewhat larger than the one of the last school year. It is anticipated that the graduating class will comprise over 50 members.

How Pupils Are Distributed.

All the ward buildings in the public school system showed a decrease of pupils at the opening day over that of last year. The total enrollment in the ward buildings, this year, was 426, distributed as follows: Emerson building, 187; Washington building, 96; Lincoln building, 93 and Franklin building, 20. The opportunity grades contained thirty pupils. Last year the pupils in the ward buildings were distributed as follows: Emerson school, 209; Washington school, 149; Lincoln ‘school, 122 and Franklin school, 52. An enrollment of 24 in the opportunity classes is included in the above ward enrollment figures, as was nine in the normal training department enrollment last year.

This year there is no normal training course. A sufficient number of students did not make application and according to state regulations it was necessary to suspend it for a year.

Holy Trinity School.

The total enrollment at the Holy Trinity Catholic school,Tuesday morning was 450. This is in comparison with 548 last year. There are 70 of these students enrolled in the high school classes, while 380 are in the grades. Last year the enrollment in the high school was 77, it is seven less this year. There were 471 pupils enrolled in the grades last year.

Lutheran School.

Tuesday there were 201 pupils enrolled in the Lutheran parochial school. Last year the total enrollment was 202 upon opening day. This is a decrease of one for the present year.

190 at D. M. L. C.

The enrollment at Dr. Martin Luther college here reached the 190 mark on opening day, Wednesday of this week. This represents an increase of 23 over last year, when 167 students registered on the first day of the fall term. Prof. E. R. Bliefernicht, director of the college, states that he expects the total enrollment this year to reach 200. The steady increase in the popularity of Dr. Martin Luther college helps boost the enrollment each year, and the institution’s healthy growth is a credit to Prof. Bliefernicht’s ability as its director. But a few years ago, the enrollment hardly exceeded one-half the present student body.

Brown County Journal,

Sept. 7, 1923



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