To the editor:

Where was the outrage by the Democrats, liberals, and mainstream media over the rioting by BLM, Antifa, etc. last spring and summer? Now that high-ranking politicians actually felt personally endangered, they seem alarmed. But only because they can blame Trump supporters, or believe they can.

A vast number of Americans are sick of the dishonesty, cheating, immorality, and stupidity of the Democrats and the left. It was inevitable they would push back, and likely will continue to do so. There is no unity in the USA any more, and never will be. The Democrats intend to make this a one-party communist nation, and in the process will bring it down to a third-world slum in short order. Expect a return to the feudal societies of the middle ages, or something similar to the western frontier of the 19th century in short order.

M.R. Koenig

Buffalo Lake


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