McCain set an example…? Really?

To the editor:

Way back in 2008? Why don’t you — The Journal — do a closer comparison such as 2016? Now, that was dignified how the Democrats responded to the results of the 2016 Election, wasn’t it? Immediately after…

The recounts on Hillary’s behalf of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Did The Journal cry “foul” then? After that, the threatening letters of Liberals to members of The Electoral College when the recount didn’t work, did The Journal complain then??? When the painfully obvious Russian Collusion Hoax was introduced and “investigated” for two years, did The Journal cry foul then? Did you bemoan the half-hearted attempt to impeach President Trump? I bet you did not.

If Mpls/St. Paul was not a part of this state we would be conservative — don’t believe me? Well, even liberal Google will tell you this is true if you ask for voting results.

Should not WE, as Americans, be for a fair election, with no doubt…? Or, are you for a Banana Republic when you like the results?

Brian Nolan



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