Voters need more town meetings

To the editor:

I noticed once again that the state senator and representative in District 19A, just across the river from New Ulm, held another set of Saturday town halls with their constituents. I applaud them for their commitment to communicating with their voters in this open and public manner.

In late January our own representatives, Representative Paul Torkelson and Senator Gary Dahms, held their own town hall for which I applaud them. Unfortunately, because they were on a weekday morning, I could not attend. I’d encourage both Dahms and Torkelson to schedule several town halls across District 16B during their upcoming Easter break � and during times when more of us can attend. We have many people in Brown, Redwood and Renville counties who are working hard to be better informed and who care deeply about the many issues before our state Legislature this year. We hope Representative Torkelson and Senator Dahms will take the opportunity to meet with voters at town hall meetings BEFORE several important votes are taken.

Lawrence Czer

New Ulm


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