Thumbs Up/Down


Wreaths look nice THUMBS UP: The Christmas wreaths lining Minnesota Street are a nice substitution for the traditional garlands that have graced downtown New Ulm during the Christmas season for decades. In truth, the number of garlands had dwindled over the past several years, becoming ...

Purpose of masks hasn’t changed


To the editor: In WWI soldiers were given a mask to protect them from the gas that might be in the air they were breathing. Masks were issued to soldiers in WWII for the same purpose, so they could put them on to protect themselves. All my life I have been told if I’m working in dust I ...

Time to remake Native American policy


President-elect Joe Biden is being urged by some to include a Native American in his Cabinet, possibly as secretary of the Interior Department. If he does that, the person named would be the first Native American ever to serve in the Cabinet. Proponent of such action have a person in mind: ...

We need this Thanksgiving


What a year in which to have an opportunity to purposefully gather our thoughts and be thankful. We need this day, which like so much else this year is different. We need this reminder to look toward what is good, and that for which we can, still, be grateful. Some have been blissfully ...

Weeds: Tales of harvest adventures


I was talking to Dale, a former farm kid. I was telling him how harvest was going. Dale tolerated me a while, and then said, “You corn and bean farmers. You’ve got about as much to do as me mowing my lawn. You get your machinery out a few times a year like I get my lawn mower out.” My ...