Eagle Update: Distance learning plans


New Ulm Public Schools has over 2,500 staff and students spread out in four buildings every day, 7- 8 hours per day. Based on the numbers involved, we have been extremely fortunate with the lack of COVID transmission in our buildings. The issue we have experienced for the past month is one ...

Keep CARES basic


Federal CARES Act assistance has been invaluable for many American families and businesses. Without it, what appears to be a record-setting recovery from the financial crisis caused by COVID-19 would not be occurring. Millions of families with laid-off breadwinners would be in desperate ...

Racing for a vaccine


U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials and scientists are in a raee against death. It is one they must undertake in a cautious sprint. Two COVID-19 vaccines appear nearly ready to go. Before doses already on the production line can be distributed, the FDA has to approve ...

Thumbs Up/Down


Dealing with COVID THUMBS DOWN: No one is happy about the new restrictions ordered in by Gov. Tim Walz this week, not even the governor. But neither is anyone happy about the rise in COVID-19 cases that precipitated these restrictions. The chart of the cases per month prepared by Brown ...

Republicans need to speak up


To the editor: “Silence is Golden” until it is not. There is no leadership coming from the top of the Republican Party, not from Vice President Pence, nor from Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell or from South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, and certainly not from President Trump’s ...