Thumbs Up/Down


2021 is here! THUMBS UP: Maybe people weren’t able to “Party Like It’s 1999” when 2021 rolled in at midnight Thursday, but we’re sure people are looking forward to a better, happier and healthier new year. This might be the kind of situation where we could hold a “half new ...

Ring it out – quickly


When, in the history of the United States, have people been more ready and willing to ring out the old year than this year, the year of COVID-19, of Trump vs. Biden, of distance learning, of business shutdowns and of social distancing and face masks, even with family at Thanksgiving and ...

Time for campaign signs to come down


To the editor: My name is Dave Borchert. I am the Chief of Police for the City of New Ulm. This year's election cycle has really gotten people excited and engaged in the political process. The voter turnout was outstanding and this is certainly a positive reflection on society. Also, it was ...

The election – A Christian perspective


To the editor: As the days and weeks go by, and as President Trump’s options for contesting the results of the 2020 election dwindle down to practically nothing, it becomes more and more evident that the Democrats and their allies in the courts and in the media may have successfully carried ...

Eagle Update: Schools heading into 2021


We look forward to 2021 with the optimism that we can rebound from the chaos of 2020. Every one of us has experienced difficulties and hardships that were not known a year ago. With all of the challenges and unknowns, New Ulm Public Schools continues to provide great educational experiences ...

Time to clean up VA


Should he be confirmed, President-elect Joe Biden’s choice for U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs has a LOT of work to do to restore trust in the agency — and to do right by the men and women it serves. President Donald Trump has referred to the federal bureaucracy as “the swamp.” The ...