Thumbs Up/Down


School board should set listening time, rules POINTER: It seems a group of people in New Ulm have decided that the District 88 school board meetings are going to be the battleground where they draw the line on issues like kids wearing masks in schools and what kind of lessons to teach on ...

What now?


To the editor: At least fifty five people took time out of their evening to attend the school board meeting on September 23, and many were planning to address the board. The room chosen for the meeting had a capacity of 49 if used as a classroom even though there were many more than that in ...

Vaccinations for kids


Pfizer, the company that produces one of the major COVID-19 vaccines, announced this week that its vaccine will work on children aged 5 to 12, and that it will seek approval from the government to begin offering vaccinations to children. The Pfizer vaccine is administered at smaller doses for ...

Understand and accept transgender youth


To the editor: The New Ulm Human Rights Commission would like to respond to the letter by Gigi Rysdahl published on 9/22 addressing transgender youth. Transgender individuals are protected from discrimination under the 1964 Civil Rights Act. So much damage can be done with words, and this ...

We’re caught between high stakes negotiations


Some mighty high-stakes poker is being played in our nation’s capital these days, with the nation’s fiscal future hanging in the balance. On Tuesday, the House of Representatives voted to approve a federal debt limit and funding continuation plan that would allow the government to remain ...

Who is to blame?


To the editor: What happened to the America I grew up in, in the last 9 months? I am 83 years old and have never seen the disasters as I have in the last 9 months. I can’t think of one thing that Joe Biden has done that was good for our country! Everything he has attempted to do has turned ...