Congress should live up to its oath


Members of Congress take an oath when they are elected to office that starts out, “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic...” All newly elected and returning members of Congress took this oath on ...

Another Christian perspective


To the editor: In response to, “The election: A Christian perspective:” Dear fellow Christian, a gentle reminder that Christ does not choose leaders or vote in elections. In fact, there is no campaign that Jesus endorses, ever. There has been no evidence of election fraud during this ...

Hard to read all that anti-Trump propaganda


To the editor: It was extremely hard to read The Journal of Dec. 26-27, with all of its anti-Trump false rhetoric and propaganda. When is someone going to start fact-checking the Associated Press and syndicated editorials’ biased stories and remarks? Even the comic on the editorial page was ...

Law enforcement at its finest


Once again, we have been reminded of how courageously many law enforcement personnel react to their protect-and-serve mandate. On Christmas morning, a bomb exploded in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. It had been placed in a recreational vehicle. The perpetrator had placed a loudspeaker in it, ...

Town Talk: Looking for opportunity to serve New Ulm?


Mayor Robert Beussman is interested in hearing from New Ulm citizens who wish to be considered for volunteer appointment to a variety of boards and commissions. The appointments are for the following board and commissions that assist the New Ulm City Council in conducting normal day-to-day ...