Father’s Day


The headlights bore a tunnel through the infinite blackness as you pilot the family sedan on the lonesome nighttime highway. It has finally gone quiet in the backseat. A glance over your shoulder confirms your suspicion: your two young sons have fallen asleep. Your wife, who is in the ...

Getting the pie crust just right


Dear Heloise: I love pies that call for a crumb crust, but I do not like graham crackers or vanilla wafers as a crust. I substitute crushed soda crackers or any type of cocktail crackers. By the way, I read your column in the Houston Chronicle! -- Bettie B., Houston Bettie, sometimes a sweet ...

Drama at the gym


Dear Annie: I love the gym. It has really helped me gain confidence and strength. I have been going to the same gym in our small town for roughly 10 years. I know all the people there and enjoy my time there -- until lately. There is a woman who just started going to the gym who is toxic. She ...

Single dads


A friend recently drew my attention to an article that both confirmed some things I already suspected, and astounded me with information I’d never have guessed. My friend is like myself, a single dad. Only his son is now grown and moved out. My son is grown and beginning to navigate the ...

6-year estrangement is hurting the whole family


Dear Annie: I don’t know where to start. It has been six years since our youngest daughter, “Emily,” has been close to us. The problem started when our oldest daughter and her cousin were in the kitchen talking about Emily when Emily walked by. She obviously was concerned that they were ...

Answer the call just in case


Dear Heloise: I read a recent letter about medical alert systems not showing who the call was from. I was on a transplant list for three years. We were told to answer any call that came in because “the call “ might not come from the hospital. It might be from the resident on call, and who ...