Reader sounds off about caller ID


Dear Heloise: Like many other people, I do not answer calls when I don’t recognize the number. I have an old-fashioned answering machine, and if it is important, I can cut in before they hang up. When it comes to medical alert systems, it seems to me that it would be prudent for those ...

Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist


To the editor: An article appeared in the Tuesday, June 13 edition of the New Ulm Journal titled, “Catholics Honor Christ in Eucharist Procession,” outlining the Catholic Diocese of New Ulm’s Corpus Christi Eucharistic Procession which took place through the streets of New Ulm on ...

Flustered by funeral flowers


Dear Annie: My sister passed away last week at the young age of 63. She was cremated and had served in the military. We had a small military service for her, and at her service, there were a few bunches of flowers sent to the funeral home, only three to be exact. Two were sent to the funeral ...

Do not wear white to the wedding


Dear Readers: In the past few weeks, I’ve received several letters that are similar to the ones I get every year starting in early spring. So, here is my annual answer: No, you may not wear white, off-white, cream, the very palest beige or the lightest imaginable shade of yellow to some ...

Career crises and workplace anxieties


Dear Annie: I recently got a promotion at work, which is great, but I’m really feeling the pressure now. My first project in this new position is with my company’s biggest client, and I’m starting to doubt that I’m really qualified to take on such an important account. I love my job, I ...

The irony of President Trump’s indictment


To the editor: Do you see the irony? President Trump’s enemies have desperately tried to find something that would exclude him from running for the presidency in 2024. They’ve sought to destroy him by spying on his 2016 campaign, carried on a war against him through two phony ...