Does forgiveness fix all?


Dear Annie: Most often a cheating husband or wife causes the divorce. Most would want to end their marriage after finding their partner cheated. And most people would advise the offended partner to leave. This is most of what I read in people’s letters and people’s responses to you. But ...

Distracted dad risks marriage for another mother


Dear Annie: So I’m pretty sure I know what the right answer is and you’ll be shaking your head at my letter; however, I feel like I’m on this adrenaline rush. I am married and have been together with my wife for 13 years. We have a good relationship aside from some family issues on my ...

Pregnancy resource centers


To the editor: Several months ago, I wrote an editorial about the Minnesota department of health statistics on abortion and the latest legislative changes affecting life decisions. I indicated that women should be allowed to have all the information available to them about their baby in ...

Maddened by mom


Dear Annie: My mom has had several strokes and is now living with us. She has problems seeing out of one eye. No one else will step up to take care of her. Our arrangement was that she pays for extra things she wants -- nails, haircuts, new clothes. And, oh, yeah, did I mention she smokes like ...

Snake in the grass


To the editor: You wouldn’t think it would ever come to this, but it has. “Abortion” has become a huge topic of discussion in our country. Along with killing a baby right up to the “due date”, we now have the over-the-counter birth control pill approved by the FDA with no age ...

Going to the dogs


Stumbling through my computer’s digital archives, I tripped over a photo that is old enough to be classified as prehistoric. The snapshot in time was taken when I was five years old, an era when the whole world was monochrome. At least that’s the impression one gets after viewing photos ...