Thumbs Up/Down


Winter Fun Thumbs Up: It hasn’t been much fun to be outside this past week, with the temperatures and wind chill in the downright uncomfortable, if not dangerous, zone. But there’s supposed to be a warmup this weekend, and plenty of opportunities to have fun outside. Sleepy Eye Area ...

Medicare should cover Alzheimer’s treatment


To the editor: As the year new year begins, I want to thank the Gibbon area community, our family and friends for supporting Team Gibbon in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s fundraising for 2022. With the support, our team raised over $30,000 and brought much awareness to Alzheimer’s through ...

Violence in national media: how much is too much?


Twice last week I did something I would normally never do by shutting off my nightly news broadcast after hearing the agenda. I did it because nearly every story was going to showcase some sort of violence, some example of man’s inhumanity to man. I really didn’t want to be bombarded by ...

The great chicken egg conspiracy


Poultry houses have slaughtered millions of chickens in the United States to stop the spread of avian flu. The disease spreads quickly and can contaminate egg production. Along with other factors, this has caused a shortage of eggs and a spike in prices. But even some healthy populations have ...