COVID-19 vaccine choice and freedom


To the editor: As you weigh the decision whether or not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine for yourself and your family, please consider the impact of your choice. Without the vaccine, your future wellbeing is significantly at risk. The delta variant is extremely contagious and is still as ...

School board needs to focus on safety in school mask policy


We are sure the District 88 School Board will hear plenty from parents when it meets today to decide what the district’s COVID-19 masking policy will be this year. The board has three options on masking that it will be considering: recommending it but not requiring it; requiring it for ...

Let’s not botch the Afghan pullout mission


President Joe Biden has set Aug. 31 — next Tuesday — as the deadline to finish the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. He is being roundly criticized by Democrats, Republicans and leaders in the G-7 for that. The U.S. will not be able to get Americans and their allies out of Afghanistan, ...



To the editor: I remember the Vietnam War. Thankfully I never had to serve in Vietnam, but had an uncle and cousin who did. I watched the news coverage and never really understood what we were doing there. I also never understood how the biggest military in the world couldn‘t just drop a ...

Another height of stupidity


To the editor: The biggest height of stupidity in the history of the United States and the United Nations is the way the Biden administration withdrew from Afghanistan! Biggest blunder of any President of the United States. Any president should have enough common sense and enough brains to ...

Pfizer vaccine meets FDA ‘gold standard’


The US government gave full approval on Monday to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, the first of the vaccines produced and approved since the disease’s outbreak in 2019. Up until now the Pfizer vaccine, like the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson versions, have been approved for emergency use. ...