Support Andrea Boettger for Council

To the editor:

We write to endorse the candidacy of Andrea Boettger for President of the New Ulm City Council. Having known Andrea both personally and professionally for many years, we believe that she will be an outstanding addition to the Council. Andrea has a proven business and professional acumen that would serve the City well as it navigates this difficult time of budget shortfalls and conflicting priority choices that face all City governments in our state. But knowing her as we do, we know she would face these challenges with the kind of can-do attitude and compassion for her fellow citizens that have been hallmarks of her work in New Ulm.

Saying all of this, we would be remiss in not recognizing the contribution that Larry Mack, Andrea’s opponent for the Presidency, has made to our City. Larry currently is the 4th Ward representative and his term does not expire during this election year. If Andrea were to be elected President, Larry would remain as the 4th Ward representative. This is a win-win for our community as there will be two energetic and positive voices on our Council. So, with this in mind, we look at our City Council as a team–and think of no better outcome than to have Andrea, as President, and Larry continuing as the 4th Ward representative.

Gary and Joleen Koch

New Ulm


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