Not buying liberal bias anymore

To the editor:

Some in the Liberal Left — primarily the Media — just cannot comes to grips with reality.

Instead, they continue their negative and biased narratives regarding our 45th President — President Trump — because they have no alternatives left.

What is at play here is that the American citizenry finally had enough of the liberal narrative — almost a directive — a narrative that Trump was not to be president.

Citizens thought for themselves and voted based on their thoughts and opinions instead of what was being repeatedly spoon fed to them and the liberal media is just beside themselves in disbelief.

They, the media have lost their grip on what we will and will not believe and they have nothing left but to continue to lash out with opinion after opinion and article after article, hoping that we will once again take their bias as gospel — we will not.

Examples: the incorrect media portrayal of the crowd attendance at the Presidential inauguration or better yet, the opinion piece by Greg Orear, Publisher of the New Ulm Journal, Sunday January 22nd edition — in part … “Based on what I saw of Trump he seems like a genuinely bad person — who knows maybe a bad person can be a good president.”

Who is Greg Orear anyway? Answer: He is yet one man with an opinion — an insulting opinion not shared by millions of Americans who do support President Trump.

Of course, he has the right to his opinion’s, as do we, problem for the media is that we are not buying their pushed narrative anymore and they have no idea what to do about it.

Congratulations President Trump.

Ruthie Hendrycks

New Ulm