NUMC offers wide variety of digital options

Virtual visits are convenient and easy! Dr. Andert and her nurse, Holly Schwab, are pictured here demonstrating the ease of use.

With the introduction of COVID-19 into daily lives has also come the incorporation of technology into many more aspects of daily life. Not surprisingly, New Ulm Medical Center (NUMC) was ahead of the curve when it came to the health care digital experience. Now that experience is more important than ever and enhancements are being made all the time to ensure that patients have the options they need to take care of their health efficiently and effectively.

Allina Health Account

Allina Health Account is essentially your medical record at your fingertips. Don’t worry about remembering your immunization history or what your provider told you at your last appointment. It’s all there in your account. Other features of Allina Health Account include:

• Test results not only from your most recent visit but from the last several years so you can study trends in your health.

• The list of your medications, and a refill process that takes just a few minutes.

For the most convenient and timely test results, be sure to download the Allina Health app.

• Medical Messaging, where you can send a note directly to your provider with questions or follow-up from an appointment.

• Appointment scheduling, including virtual visits, when appropriate. You can also view upcoming appointments and cancel appointments.

• Proxy access for children or another adult.

Allina Health Account has become especially critical during this time in terms of communicating negative COVID-19 test results. If a patient tests positive, they get a personal phone call as soon as the test results are available. However, if they test negative, the results are sent by mail or via Allina Health Account. The patient will get results much more quickly if they are enrolled in Allina Health Account.

A new feature of Allina Health Account is that teens, age 13-17, can now sign up for their own account and see everything an adult could see on their Account. Adults who have proxy access to their teen’s account can view limited information such as immunizations, appointment scheduling, and medical messaging to their teen’s health care team.

All of this is available in a convenient app for your Apple or Android phone.

Virtual Visits

Virtual visits were already becoming standard and popular when the pandemic hit in March 2020. With the need for social distancing and keeping our most vulnerable population safe, virtual visits have become the new normal in many instances for primary care visits. Virtual visits are best for common illnesses, mental health issues, follow-up care, chronic conditions and more.

Virtual visits can be set up by any provider in the clinic, when they feel it will work well for the type of visit needed. When calling for an appointment, the registration staff and nurses are able to determine if a virtual visit is appropriate. A virtual visit is very easily set up if the patient has the Allina Health Account app, however they can also be set up without the app.

On My Way

On My Way is a new option that will ease the registration process when coming to the NUMC Urgent Care or Emergency Room.

Again, this is an option that is made easier when you have the app. Simply click on the “On My Way” icon in the app. Patients can also access On My Way at account.allinahealth.org/carenow/onmyway.

In either case, simply answer a few questions to let the staff know you are on your way in and what you would like to be seen for. This option will also give patients an estimate as to how many minutes their wait may be at the Urgent Care or in the Emergency Room.

Patient Wisdom

Allina Health has launched a new patient experience tool called Patient Wisdom that is available to anyone who has an Allina Health Account. The tool is a great way to improve communication between patients and their care team, highlighting what matters most to you as the patient, including things like daily stressors, what brings you joy, health priorities and goals, and biggest barriers to staying healthy.

The goal of Patient Wisdom is to see each person who walks through the doors of the clinic as an individual person and not just a patient. The use of Patient Wisdom has been shown to improve communication between patient and provider, and to foster better outcomes for patients.

Patients can access Patient Wisdom and the 10-minute questionnaire by going to allinahealth.org/patientwisdom/ or they may get a link to fill out the questionnaire in a reminder email for an upcoming appointment. You must have an Allina Health Account in order to complete the Patient Wisdom questionnaire.

For more information about any of these options go to: account.allinahealth.org/carenow/options


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