Dog park deserves maintenance too

To the editor:

As a person who moved to New Ulm in the winter of 1991, one of the things that caught my eye was how well kept, clean and beautifully maintained the City of New Ulm was.

As a pet owner and a regular at New Ulm’s Happy Tails Dog Park, I can’t help but wonder why it is not considered worthy of a well cut, kept area. I have recently been in several parks in the City and have noticed how well maintained they are. Even Johnson Field, which will not be used until fall, is beautifully mowed and edged. However, that is not the case with Happy Tails. When the grass gets cut, there are “wind rows” and currently the grass is so long that small “fur children” cannot be seen. We who commonly visit the park try extremely hard to pick up our dog waste. Right now that is extremely difficult to do because the grass is so long. I do understand the demands of the Park Department, but I am wondering why this park is so neglected and why it does not get the same treatment and care as other parks within the City?

A committee continues to work hard to bring water and other assets to Happy Tails. Recently, lights were added to allow the park to be used in the later hours of the day. I am amazed at how many visitors to the City come and check out our pet park and are impressed with what we have to offer. I am grateful for all of the hard work of past and present volunteers that have a desire to make this park just as valued as a “people” park. Happy Tails Pet Park is attended nearly 365 days a year and I believe that it deserves the attention to maintenance just as much as “people” parks.

Jill Hady

New Ulm


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