Use these two steps to avoid fraud

Dear Heloise: In response to recent hints regarding credit card protection, I have my two cents to add: We have recently had our major credit card canceled and replaced three times in three months! This is such an inconvenience. I asked the credit card company what we could do to prevent future problems related to fraud. The fraud seemed to be coming from in-person purchases. So, they suggested two things:

— Always tap the card on the credit card machines (instead of inserting or sliding the card in), if available.

— Cover your account number on the front of your card with a piece of tape (like blue painter’s tape or masking tape that can be easily removed, if needed). The reasoning behind this is to prevent anyone near you from snapping a photo of your card during the process of a transaction. There are cameras everywhere, as well as unscrupulous people.

Since we’ve started tapping the card during purchases and keeping the account number covered, we have not had fraud problems for the last few months. Hope this helps someone else! — Becky, Colorado Springs, Colorado


Dear Readers: When you water plants, soak the soil thoroughly when watering. A sprinkling of water can cause roots to come to the surface and get baked to death by the sun. The idea is to get the roots to go down deep where they won’t be subjected to summer heat. It’s best to water plants early in the morning so that their leaves will dry in the sun. When leaves stay wet all night after an evening watering, spot diseases may occur. — Heloise


Dear Heloise: I am an 88-year-old man, and I have trouble opening jars. But I have found a paint can opener that works great! I just place the opener in the indented area of the lid and gently press down. The seal easily gets broken. — Michael Halloran, via email


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