Open the hood


To the editor: What would you do in the following situation? You are at a car dealership and are considering buying a car. The one you are looking at looks fine, but it the engine is making an unexpected sound. You ask the salesman if you can open the hood to take a look. But the salesman ...

Weeds: Memories on Memorial Day


Early on a June morning seven years ago, we drove our son Ezra to the Mankato National Guard Armory. There, he boarded a bus with other recruits. We were able to drive up to the airport and spend time with him before he flew to Atlanta on his way to Fort Benning, Georgia. Ezra was 17, between ...

‘Do not come’


Vice president Kamala Harris, on her first international trip to Guatemala, espoused the Biden administration’s immigration policy. After meeting with the Guatemalan president, she said during a press conference the goal of the U.S. is to help improve the lives of Guatemalans, to give them ...

No such thing as free beer


To the editor: How could President Biden have known? His newest incentive for the “vaccine sprint” to convince Americans to get to 70% “vaccinated” is FREE BEER! I’m sure it won’t work though, because Biden was probably offering an inferior beer, not a Schell’s product like ...

MLC Student Senate eager to work with city


To the editor: Hello again from the Martin Luther College Student Senate! My name is Seth Koelpin and I will be a senior for the upcoming school year. As the future student body president, I am excited to see how the relationship between the school and the city of New Ulm can continue to ...

Still waiting for a state budget


June is a week old, and that’s one week closer to the end of the state’s fiscal year. State leaders still have yet to come up with a state budget plan that would avert a government shutdown on July 1, but there is still hope. Negotiations continue and there is still time to get a deal ...