Dressing down


Well we now have a new catchphrase in politics, the “Fetterman rule.” This of course refers to Pennsylvania Senator John Fetterman’s penchant for dressing like a slob in formal settings, such as when the Senate is in session. For reasons unclear Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer ...

Preparing questions for long visits


Dear Annie: Finding topics of conversation can often be difficult during long visits. Since “Grinding My Teeth” feels that this may be the last time she and her husband will visit with these in-laws, why not take this opportunity to encourage these people to talk about their lives? When ...

Respecting the planet


Dear Heloise: In the Tribune Chronicle in Warren, Ohio, a while ago, you stated that something has to be done to solve the problem of plastic waste around the world. Our local PBS recently interviewed a young man in Akron, Ohio, who is starting up a plastic cycling plant to liquify tons of ...

Grateful for our tomatoes


Does anybody need tomatoes? For most of you, that’s no. A hard no. You probably have a countertop full of them. Or your neighbor has set several boxes on your porch before ringing the doorbell and running away. After a couple of down years, we are back in the business of excessive ...

Fall color and migration: two of life’s natural mysteries


Autumn is my favorite time of year because I enjoy the brilliant tree color, the crisp leaves that fall to the ground, and the geese that fly over on their way to a winter home. Part of what makes fall color and migration interesting is that we don’t know everything about them. We just know ...

Annoyed by neighbor’s ‘jokes’


Dear Annie: We have this wonderfully helpful neighbor who is always willing to help folks in the neighborhood when needed and quite often does. The only problem is he masks his sarcasm and insults as jokes and everyone laughs. This is directed at everyone EVERY TIME we talk with him. Honestly, ...