Shampoo your paintbrushes


Dear Heloise: When I wash my paintbrushes after painting, I “shampoo” them with a dish detergent, then “condition” them using a hair conditioner. Afterward, I rinse them really well and let them dry. I’ve been using the same brushes for years. -- Jan Nelson, via email ANOTHER ...

Thumbs up/down


THUMBS UP Minnesota Music Hall of Fame induction and Princefest Next weekend, things are going to get very musical in New Ulm with two music-themed events. First, the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame (MMHF) will be inducting new members Friday, April 19 during the 33rd Induction Ceremony ...

Town Talk


The top priority of the Street Department is to maintain the integrity of the street and alley pavements to ensure they are in a safe and usable condition and to ensure proper drainage for storm runoff. As the weather warms and the snow melts the first maintenance activity, we perform is ...

Swamped school secretary struggles with overbearing parents


Dear Annie: I am a school secretary. Parents often call in with issues regarding their children. Some are very personal including health, family issues, abuse, neglect, behavior, etc. Many parents go into FULL detail as to what is happening. In these circumstances, I am not the person who can ...

Solar eclipse disrupted by clouds a disappointment


For the past few weeks I’d had high hopes for Monday’s solar eclipse, hopes that I could sit outside and watch things darken in the middle of the day. The forecasts over the weekend led me to be doubtful. Monday was supposed to be mostly cloudy, with a good chance for rain later in the ...

Using kitchen tools in other ways


Dear Heloise: For years, I’ve been using various kitchen tools to help me in the kitchen and do jobs that they weren’t originally designed for. I thought I’d share some of these with you and your readers: -- I use a tea strainer filled with herbs and spices to flavor soups and stews. ...