The planet’s not in peril


To the editor: The planet is not in peril. Have you noticed the beauty outside? Orange, red, yellow, deep maroon, and good old green, on an immense canvas right before our eyes! God could have created the earth with no color. Some worry about the earth warming. Be thankful that the Siberian ...

Deal-making in D.C. among Democrats


President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan is undergoing some contractions this week. The $3.5 trillion spending bill is down to about $2 trillion. Biden met with groups of Democratic senators on Tuesday, hoping to sell them on a reduced plan that will still carry some of his top ...

Walz’s record


Gov. Tim Walz announced Tuesday he will seek re-election to a second term. This sets up an interesting race that will focus on his record and accomplishments. Walz and his Republican opponents will try to interpret Walz’s record in vastly different ways. On the state’s COVID response, ...

The COVID solution is sitting unused


Brown County Public Health has taken to issuing a weekly report of new COVID-19 cases and deaths in the county, instead of a daily report. It’s too busy dealing with new cases to put the reports together. When they have come out lately, the reports are not encouraging. On Monday BCPH ...

Manchin’s real agenda


To the editor: Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia has a history of opposing attempts to transition from fossil fuels. He and Senator Sinema of Arizona receive substantial funding for their re-election campaigns from the fossil fuel industry. The Democrats $3-5 trillion Build Back Better ...

‘Inflation tax’ prediction proving true


Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., has been stalwart in his concerns over inflation and Democrats’ desire to spend trillions to fund new social programs: “An overheating economy has imposed a costly ‘inflation tax’ on every middle- and working-class American. At $28.7 trillion and growing, ...