Funds for the Capitol – and for Highway 14

The Minnesota Legislature is set to start working on a bonding bill this week. Bondingn proposals require a 60 percent majority vote, so Republican support will be needed to pass anything this year.

One project that should have no problem getting support is repairst and restoration at the Minnesota State Capitol. The grand old building is in need of some work, to the tune of about $241 million. The last session approved a $44 million bonding, but more is needed. Without it experts warn that the Capitol could develop serious structural problems. Legislators should have no problem agreeing to get it done.

We would hope legislators have the same wisdom when it comes to needed road and bridge projects. Maintaining safe roads is costly but necessary – putting off needed repairs can lead to bigger, more expensive problems later on.

Some special projects, like the Highway 14 expansion project, should also get special consideration from the Legislature. The wisdom of spending money for safer roads that will also spur economic activity and create jobs in this area is inarguable.