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Oak Hills’ proactive approach

The Oak Hills Living Center  continues to take a proactive approach to the struggles facing rural nursing homes. In rural Minnesota, there is a crisis in nursing home care. Senior care facilities are having difficulty with recruitment and retention. Another problem is the state’s delay in reimbursing nursing rural homes for their Medicaid expenses. Oak Hills reimbursements have arrived 18 to 24 months late.  

In response to these concerns, Oak Hill’s administration refuse to remain silent. In the last year, Oak Hills arranged multiple visits to the state capitol to demand action from legislators and the governor. Their most recent trip to the capitol was last Monday where they requested funding for a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) pilot program. Oak Hills hopes to become a regional hub for CNA training that could benefit other nursing homes in rural Minnesota. Rather than sit and wait for Minnesota to realize the crisis facing rural Minnesota, Oak Hills is working toward solutions.


erry Sveine receives the Tourism

Person of the Year award

On Wednesday during the New Ulm Area Chamber and Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB), Terry Sveine was awarded the 2024 Tourism Person of the Year award. There are few people more deserving of this honor than Sveine. He formally served as the Chamber’s tourism manager for 15 years. He continued to promote New Ulm after retiring. Sveine also deserves credit for understanding the economic impact of tourism.

During his award acceptance speech, Sveine said tourism is a multi-million dollar industry in the New Ulm area. He is correct. Tourism plays a major role in the local economy.

The larger festivals bring in thousands who then spend money in the community. However, even the small events bring in tourism dollars. Sveine said even bringing one couple to New Ulm for the weekend adds between $200-$400 to the local economy.

Sveine acknowledged tourism is not always thought of as one of New Ulm’s major industries, but fortunately, people like him continue to promote the community in new and exciting ways ensuring New Ulm remains a top tourist destination.


New Ulm Knowledge Bowl teams take first and second at state competition

Last week, New Ulm Knowledge Bowl teams managed to make history. During the 2AA state competition, New Ulm teams managed to take first and second. 

The competition had 15 schools competing, each with multiple teams but it was New Ulm’s Purple and Ivory team that managed to come out on top. 

Knowledge Bowl Coach Rob Bute credited the school’s success with having a high number of students in the Knowledge Bowl program. There are 71 New Ulm High School students in the Knowledge Bowl program, which is more than most schools in the region.

The Knowledge Bowl teams deserve a thumbs up for their recent wins, but the school also deserves praise for creating a culture where so many are willing to participate in academic competition.


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