Speech, Occupational, Physical Therapy offered at Allina Health Clinic in Springfield

Here’s the team offering Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy at the Allina Health Clinic in Springfield. L-R: Cliff Heglund, PTA; Shari Meyer, OT; Alice Johnson, DPT; and Cole McKeown, DPT. Not pictured: Amanda Fuchs, SLP and Lindsey Atchison, DPT.

Since New Ulm Medical Center assumed operations at Allina Health Clinic in Springfield in April this year, they have continued to add services to the benefit of the patients in and around the community. Two of the newest services are Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. These two specialties are under the umbrella of Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, which also oversees Physical Therapy, another specialty that has been offered at Springfield since July.

Physical Therapy at Springfield Medical Center is staffed by physical therapists from the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Department at New Ulm Medical Center along with Cliff Heglund, PTA, who has been a longtime employee and resident in Springfield. The physical therapists providing services are Alice Johnson, DPT, and Cole McKeown, DPT. Lindsey Atchison, DPT, will join the team later this year. 

Shari Meyer, OT, provides occupational therapy services at Springfield for ages birth to 100. This includes treatment for elbow, forearm and hand injuries, neurological problems including, but not limited to stroke, and brain injuries. She also works with pediatrics with an emphasis in developmental delay, fine motor concerns and behavior problems. 

Amanda Fuchs, SLP, provides speech therapy services for ages birth to 100+ including but not limited to the following populations: autism, developmental delay, stroke, brain injury, and Parkinson’s Disease. She especially enjoys pediatrics. Her services include interventions to help with swallowing problems, cognition, aphasia (word finding difficulty), language disorders and delays, and articulation.

Physical Therapy services are currently provided Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Speech and Occupational Therapy are provided on Wednesdays and Thursdays at this time. 

To find out more about these services at the Allina Health Clinic in Springfield or to schedule an appointment there, call 507-723-6201.


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