NUMC Orthopedics team expands to include Athletic Trainer, regional care

Athletic Trainer Scott Mangen sees patients in the Orthopedic Clinic at New Ulm Medical Center.

The orthopedics team at New Ulm Medical Center (NUMC) continues to stretch itself not only within the structure of the team itself but geographically, to support patients across the region.

There are three orthopedic surgeons seeing patients at NUMC currently: Mario Desouza, MD; Angela Honstad, MD; and Joyce Tarbet, MD. These physicians provide a wide range of clinical and surgical care, but are also supported by a team of talented professionals with their own expertise. The care team model in the orthopedics department consists of the surgeon, an athletic trainer, an LPN (licensed practical nurse), and an orthopedic assistant (OA) or physician assistant (PA).

As a PA, Ashley Campbell functions as an independent provider with her own clinic schedule and assists the surgeons in surgery. Kevin Orr, OA, has an advanced skill set. He assists the providers in clinic procedures, such as casting and splinting, and assists the surgeons in surgery.

Athletic Trainer Role

New to the team structure is Athletic Trainer Scott Mangen, MS, ATR. Mangen is a familiar face to many student athletes in the region as he has worked with students at several area schools for the past few years.

“Utilizing an athletic trainer in the orthopedics department is common practice at many clinics,” said Adam Schmidt, specialty clinic manager. An athletic trainer has more specialized training than an LPN, he said. “So, an AT is often able to do the initial work-up when a patient comes into the clinic and collect more of the detailed history from the patient so they are able to give the physician a better idea of what is going on before they see the patient.”

They are considered a “provider extender,” Schmidt said. “They can see patients for any orthopedic problem, not just sports-related issues. It’s a very natural fit for them in the orthopedic clinic.”

At this point, Mangen is the only AT in the orthopedic clinic but the plan is to add another as the role evolves.

“Scott has been a great fit for the department,” Schmidt said. “He is very upbeat and willing to learn alongside the orthopedic surgeons.”

Orthopedic Outreach

All three orthopedic surgeons have outreach hours at regional medical centers, making access more convenient for patients across southern Minnesota.

Dr. Tarbet sees patients at the Allina Health Clinic in Springfield on Wednesdays, providing clinic procedures and office appointments. Dr. Desouza sees patients at Sleepy Eye Medical Center on Thursdays, providing clinic procedures, office appointments, and minor surgeries. Dr. Honstad sees patients at the Madelia Community Hospital and Clinic on Fridays, offering clinic procedures and office appointments.

To make an appointment with an orthopedic provider at NUMC, call 507-217-5011.


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