Advanced Practice Providers important member of team-based care model

From left: Michelle Owens, CNP; Sarah Sauter, PA-C; Raquel Roschen Wimmer and Anita Riederer, PA-C.

At New Ulm Medical Center (NUMC), there are different options for the care you receive. This includes Physicians (MDs and DOs) and Advanced Practice Providers (APPs), which includes Nurse Practitioners and Physician assistants. Whether you are meeting with a physician or an APP the goal is still the same: provide quality medical care including diagnosing and treating illness, encourage preventive care practices, and partner with the patient to answer questions and butter understand the hurdles to reaching their health goals.

The APP team at NUMC covers various service areas such as Walk-in Clinic, Family Practice, Mental Health, Neurology, Oncology and Orthopedics. In all these areas, the APP partners closely with the physicians as they care for patients.

“At NUMC, it is our goal to offer a team-based care model. This means that a patient would have established relationships with both an APP and a physician throughout their time receiving care at the medical center,” said NUMC Family Medicine Physician Bryana Andert, DO.

“As we move forward with strengthening our team-based care model, patients with an APP listed as their primary care provider, will also have one (possibly more) physicians listed on their care team. We also hope that patients who identify a physician as their PCP would know that that physician partners with an APP and that they could routinely see the APP team member for care concerns,” said Andert.

This team-based approach will improve access for patients, as it now includes two providers for the patient instead of one. Patients who see the team of skilled advanced practice providers will know that the APP is backed up by a physician with whom they can connect and consult at any time. And, when the patient’s physician is unavailable, know that he or she trusts their care with the APP team member.

Standing (from left): Lori Schumacher, PA-C; Kelly Jarcho, CNP; Karen Hoffmann-Distad, CNP; Rachael Haas, PA-C; Jody Enter, CNP. Seated: Kitty Rader, CNP; Sara Kanuch, CNP. Not pictured: Ken Bentson, PA-C; Michelle Evans, CNP, Lana Hintze, PA-C; Ashley Campbell, PA-C, Annette Haynes, CNP, and Julie Long, CNP.

Another goal of team-based care is consistency.

“When a patient consistently sees the same team, physician and APP, they will naturally have increased rapport which we believe will result in a better experience for the patient,” said Andert.

To learn more about any of the advance practice providers at NUMC, go to allinahealth.org/clinics/new-ulm-medical-center-clinic/providers.


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