Varicose veins are easy to treat

Many people think varicose veins are just a summer problem, when you are most likely to wear shorts and skirts. However, varicose veins are more than just cosmetic challenges to be overcome.

Kellie Newman, MD, general surgeon with New Ulm Medical Center, sees patients for a variety of problems related to varicose veins.

“People often experience pain with varicose veins,” said Newman. But, she adds that each person’s experience varies.

“Some people may not experience any pain, but their legs may still feel achy or tired by the end of the day,” she said. “Some patients may even have swelling or itching in areas where they have bad veins.”

Thankfully, for those experiencing any of these symptoms, there’s an option that can help.

Newman provides vein ablation services through New Ulm Medical Center. Vein ablation is a minimally invasive treatment that cauterizes and closes abnormal veins.

“It’s less pain, less bruising and has quicker, good results than traditional vein stripping,” said Newman. During the procedure, she uses ultrasound to help guide a thin catheter into the vein. Fluid is injected to provide protection to the other structures nearby, and the vein is heated up and cauterized through the wire.

“People are able to go home the same day,” she said. “We really encourage them to get up and get moving.”

The only thing that patients have to worry about after the procedure is keeping compression on the area and avoid lifting anything heavy and performing strenuous activities.

Vein ablation is a safe, simple way for patients to eliminate varicose veins.

Newman advises you to contact someone if you are suffering from these symptoms. If you have questions, contact your doctor about your options.

Learn more about Newman by visiting allinahealth.org/newman or make an appointment by calling 507-217-5011.