Allina Health New Ulm Pharmacy: A competitive option

Allina Health New Ulm Pharmacy staff offer services and prices that make it a competitive and valuable option for people needing medication.

Allina Health New Ulm Pharmacy proves that good things do come in small packages.

Although it may seem like a small establishment, its services, prices and care make it a big competitor within the community.

“Our services our top-notch,” said Jenifer Kalis, pharmacist in charge.

Kalis plays an influential role in running the pharmacy and knows first-hand the quality they provide. This full retail pharmacy handles prescriptions, refills, over-the-counter medications and even delivery service to hospice, homecare or elderly in the New Ulm area.

Because of its convenient location within the New Ulm Medical Center, Kalis and her team are able to connect directly to patients’ charts.

“This really makes us different from any other pharmacy,” she said. “We’re able to see every medication a patient is taking, read what their doctor commented or notice if there’s been any changes.” Likewise, a physician can see when a patient fills their prescription as part of a care plan, as well as how many refills remain on a prescription.

These electronic medical records are a big reason Kalis stresses the value of using the New Ulm Medical Center Pharmacy. An outside pharmacy doesn’t have the ability to view these important patient notes. In addition, the pharmacy is located inside the main entrance of the Medical Center, providing patients with a close, convenient connection.

This accessibility benefits you in many ways. Doctors can be easily contacted for any questions, and you’re often able to grab your medication the day of your visit without leaving the building.

Kalis believes you shouldn’t have to go elsewhere for your medications. Even though the Allina Health New Ulm Pharmacy is smaller than a traditional retail pharmacy, we are able to offer the same medications at competitive prices.

“Sometimes patients wonder if we’re going to be more expensive than other places, but we’re just as competitive, if not more, than other pharmacies,” said Kalis, explaining how they go the extra mile to make sure you are getting the best price.

Kalis and her team take the time to actively search for coupons, discounts or special deals for customers. It’s safe to say that a lot of medications can put a dent in people’s pockets, but Allina Health New Ulm Pharmacy tries to help ease this financial strain.

“Not a lot of other pharmacies do this,” said Kalis. “But with this extra service we manage to save customers hundreds of dollars.”

The list of services Allina Health New Ulm Pharmacy provides is impressive–from its location to its drive-through option, but Kalis believes what makes them especially great is the quality of care they provide.

Kalis and her team work to have quick turnaround times, while also making sure they get to know their customers. This small, local pharmacy works to build relationships while providing the best service for the community.

“I truly believe we give the best service around,” said Kalis, “I make sure of it.”

Allina Health New Ulm Pharmacy is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. For more information about Allina Health New Ulm Pharmacy or to find out how to transfer your prescriptions call 507-217-5808.


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