New Ulm Emergency Department: Where quality care and real-world training meet

New Ulm Medical Center’s emergency staff provide high-quality, first-rate care for their patients. Picture left to right are Brittany Brindle, MD; Andrew Dickinson, MD; Brian Lovig, MD; and Luke Albrecht, MD.

Every day looks different for the New Ulm Emergency Department. Brittany Brindle, MD, knows this better than anyone. As an Emergency Department physician, Brindle works with her team to provide first-rate care during an often very stressful time for patients.

“Even though we’re a small hospital, we have access to quality resources,” said Brindle. Thanks to its partnership with Allina Health, New Ulm Emergency Department patients have access to advanced life-saving equipment, technology and developed protocols. Access to telemedicine provides additional benefits. For example, pediatric patients coming to the emergency department can have real-time telemedicine support from specialists at Children’s Hospital. Other telemedicine services are available for mental health and stroke patients.

Emergency services continue to grow as several new providers have joined the New Ulm Emergency Medicine team. This September, the New Ulm Emergency Department took on a new full-time physician, Thomas DiNardo, MD. Specializing in emergency medicine, DiNardo brings a new set of skills to the team. The department has also welcomed several new part-time providers.

“Our team is very experienced and offers an expanded set of skills,” said Brindle. Normally, she and her team would have to call in someone extra when attending to certain situations, but now they are able to provide a lot more for the patient at bedside, including procedures.

The New Ulm Emergency Department sets a great example for its level of care. In fact, the chaotic and demanding atmosphere within this emergency room is also a setting for the training and preparation of young professionals looking to enter the field.

Students from the University of Mankato and the University of Minnesota partner with New Ulm Medical Center to complete their rotations in a designated critical access hospital with a strong community feel.

“It’s a different experience working here versus a large academic center,” said Brindle.

Students get to familiarize themselves with the community by working with one provider at a time, learning how to manage flow within a smaller department. They are able to stay within New Ulm Medical Center for their rotation period and are fully immersed within the Emergency Department.

“They have to be able to handle a lot, from surgery to just the volume of patients. That’s a real skill they need, and they can learn it here,” said Brindle.

This long-standing relationship between New Ulm Emergency Department and the universities has helped expose students to the difference between a more rural hospital setting and a hospital located in bigger cities. Thankfully for New Ulm residents, this difference doesn’t mean a lower level of care.

“I grew up in rural Minnesota,” said Brindle. “People in rural areas don’t often have access to the same standard of care as others.”

One of the reasons Brindle ended up within this role was her commitment to helping people acquire quality care. She made a purposeful choice to concentrate in specialty care medicine with a focus of working in a busier environment.

“Patients don’t get to pick their provider in an emergency setting, but I feel privileged to help people in what are often some of their most difficult days,” said Brindle.

New Ulm Emergency Department continues to improve by adding new providers, offering more services and keeping the level of care high. Brindle knows how important this is for any patient, especially those within an emergency room.

“It’s really lovely to take care of patients who are so grateful and appreciative,” said Brindle.

If you are experiencing a medical emergency, be sure to call 9-1-1. If you want more information about emergency care services at New Ulm Medical Center, visit our web site at allinahealth.org/new-ulm-medical-center/services/emergency-department?utm_source=new-ulm-journal&utm_medium=organic&utm_content=new-ulm-ed&utm_campaign=health-edition-november-2019

You can see live wait times for the Emergency Department at allinahealth.org/numc-emergency, and let us know you’re coming with the On My Way button.


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