Medicare Advantage: A seamless connection between body, mind & spirit

Imagine a scenario where your health care provider and health insurance company work together to ensure your experience is both efficient and meets your personal needs. One that provides coordinated care where your doctors, hospitals, specialists, and your health plan are all part of one connected team. Allina Health | Aetna combines Allina Health’s trusted network of providers with shared data and analytics from its parent companies to better support member health outcomes and offer an enhanced consumer experience.

Members of Allina Health | Aetna can also achieve peace of mind knowing their health insurance plan focuses on their entire well-being. When it comes to Medicare Advantage, that means taking care of the whole you – body, mind and spirit.

As a member of the Allina Health | Aetna Medicare Advantage plan, Mary appreciates the services she and her husband never knew they needed. “We talked the plan over with our agent, and he confirmed that the plan would be a good one for us. So far it absolutely has been,” Mary said. “The plan includes more benefits than the plan we originally had, including a Home Health Assessment. The gentleman that did our home visit was very thorough and compli-

mented us on how we have been taking care of our home. What surprised me was that he recommended we pick up our area rugs because they serve as a trip hazard, something I did not think about. He really took his time to ensure we were safe.”

Allina Health | Aetna’s Medicare Advantage plan offers benefits that go beyond Original Medicare including over-the-counter medicines and other health items.

Diane is able to place a mail order for over-the- counter medications and many other essentials. “It is so easy for me to get the medication my husband and I need while also stocking up on summer products like sunscreen as well as many other items covered by the plan, like vitamins and even band-aids,” Diane said.

The Allina Health | Aetna Medicare Advantage plan is a “one-stop shop” for your medical and prescription drug needs that is unique in its total approach to health and wellness. Whether you are traveling out of the United States and need urgent or emergency care, or want to access wellness programs and fitness memberships, the plan has you covered – body, mind and spirit.


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