Medicare Advantage: The new plan that has you covered

With 2019 bringing a variety of new health plans to Minnesota – including Allina Health | Aetna Medicare Advantage plans – consumers are able to simplify their coverage and identify options for better care. Whether you’re just learning about Medicare or actively looking for a new plan, there are several things to keep in mind to identify the best option for your needs.

The value of Medicare Advantage

Unlike Original Medicare, Medicare Advan-

tage combines Medicare Part A and Part B benefits, and in most cases Part D (prescription drug coverage), in one plan. And Medicare Advantage plans often go beyond Original Medicare to include extra benefits like routine dental, vision and hearing.

Medicare Advantage enrollment has nearly doubled in the past decade, and today covers over 20 million Americans.¹ This steady growth is likely due to the value and financial stability that those plans offer. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, the average premium for Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan members has increased by only $4 since 2012.2 And Medicare Advantage plans have an annual out-of- pocket spending limit on covered medical services.

Recent studies also show the clinical value of Medicare Advantage. Even though Medicare Advantage members have more health risk factors and chronic health conditions than those on Original Medicare, they have better outcomes. These include lower rates of avoidable hospitalization, less frequent ER visits and fewer diabetic complica- tions.3

Health care integration and innovation

Some Medicare plans offer useful coverage but lack the ability to deliver crucial health services and an integrated member experience. That’s why Allina Health and Aetna are excited to bring a new choice to Minnesota focused on improving both clinical care and insurance operations.

Allina Health brings its local network of hospitals and doctors to the partnership. For example, New Ulm Medical Center serves the community with an extensive range of care options including over 30 affiliated physicians and a full complement of visiting specialists. Aetna provides a deep history of admini- stering health benefits including member services, claims processing, analytics and care management.

Together, Allina Health and Aetna can spot potential gaps in care to help you get the extra support you need in a way that is convenient and customized. We can also explore new ways to deliver on our shared passion of improving whole-person wellness at a lower cost.

A total health approach

Allina Health | Aetna Medicare believes in taking care of the whole person – body, mind and spirit. This philosophy drives benefits such as:

• Dental, hearing and vision allowances

• Acupuncture and chiropractic coverage

• A monthly allowance for certain over-the-counter health items

• Free fitness programs

Our Resources For Living® program allows members to connect to local services such as housekeeping and home maintenance, or caregiver support. And we employ a dedicated, local member advocate who can answer your questions in person to give you peace of mind.

To learn more about Allina Health | Aetna Medicare, visit allinahealthaetnamedicare.com.


¹ America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). The Value of Medicare Advantage. October 2018. Accessed May 15, 2019.

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Allina Health |Aetna Medicare is a PPO plan with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in our plans depends on contract renewal. Other physicians/ providers are available in our network. Participating physicians, hospitals and other health care providers are independent contractors and are neither agents nor employees of Allina Health | Aetna. The availability of any particular provider cannot be guaranteed, and provider network comp- osition is subject to change. See Evidence of Coverage for a complete description of plan benefits, exclusions, limitations and conditions of coverage. Plan features and availability may vary by service area.

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