Let’s get all of Trump’s tax returns

Rachel Maddow and MSNBC teased the heck out of viewers when she tweeted this week that she had the “Trump tax returns” and would reveal them on her show.

After 20 minutes of the show, Maddow revealed that she actually had two pages from President Donald Trump’s 2005 return, and they revealed that he paid paid $38 million in taxes on $150 million in income in 2005. It was hardly an earth-shattering exposé, though it did show that, yes, the president does pay income taxes, at least he did in 2005. It didn’t reveal where his income came from, so there was no connection to the Russians that some Trump critics are sure will be exposed if we could only see all of Trump’s tax returns.

With all the speculation about Trump’s tax return, one thing remains certain. Trump is not going to release them, whether it is because he is being audited, or because he just doesn’t want to and doesn’t have to.

Until Trump does release them, we think reports on bits and pieces of his tax returns don’t really serve much of a useful purpose. A look at all of his tax returns would be mighty interesting, but a little bit here and a little bit there merely stokes curiosity without satisfying it.


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