What’s On Your Mind?

Charlie Leftridge of St. Peter: “For myself… I am moderately concerned but for the patrons of The Grand who may have prexisting conditions I am more concerns. Maybe a seven or eight.”
Carter Johnson of Judson Township: “Two or three. I am a little worried for my Great Danes. They’re getting older. The smoke is probably not good for them.”
Robb Rolloff of New Ulm: “I give it a four.”
Brian Earl of Klossner: “Seven.”
Emily Sower of New Ulm: “I am more concerned for the people in Canada. I don’t think it impacts us as much. For us I’ll say three.”
Jen Meinhardt of Burnsville: “About a six or seven. I know it will pass but I worry about the new precedent it will set for what we consider normal.”

On a scale from 1-10 how concerned are you about the wildfire smog hanging over MN the last week?


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