Environmental about face

President Joe Biden has turned America’s environmental policy about face in the first days of his administration. He has ordered the nation back into the Paris Climate Agreement, after Donald Trump had pulled us out. He also revoked the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline project, a controversial plan to build a pipeline to carry Canadian crude oil to Nebraska, and from there to the Gulf Coast.

These actions show Biden is serious about global warming and climate change. Rejoining the Paris accords will subject the U.S. to emissions standards that some say unfairly target a country that is already doing much more than others to control greenhouse gases while leaving other countries like China and India to keep polluting. But it does put the U.S. back in the position of working with other countries to combat a worldwide problem.

The Trump administration considered the Paris accords a hindrance to the U.S. economy. The Biden administration is apparently basing our energy and environmental policy on environmental factors, rather than economic ones.


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