New Ulm School Board – Steven Gag

Steven Gag

Steven Gag

Why are you running for election to this position?

I am running for re-election for the New Ulm School Board so that I may continue with the great work the board has done. I enjoy meeting with the public and looking for answers to their concerns. I believe in being involved in my community. Now is not time for big changes, continuous small adjustments are always better. Most importantly, I understand the legal and financial responsibilities of being on the school board as well as the time commitment it takes to represent the community’s interests.

What is the top issue facing Independent School District 88?

One of the top issues for the district is student and community engagement. During the pandemic we had to limit attendance at meetings and events, now we need everyone to feel comfortable returning. Students need to support their classmates in the classroom, at activities and at athletics. The community is also invited to activity and athletic events, senior citizens from the community can attend for free. The district has numerous public meetings every month that are open to the public, not just the one that is televised. The more everyone knows the more they will trust the district.

What is your primary goal if elected to the school board?

My primary goal after this election will be to continue to build community trust and engagement. I meet regularly with members of the public who have concerns. We don’t always agree, but with mutual respect we can move forward and make the district the best it can be. The goal is for all students and community members to feel welcome at our schools.

Do you support the operating levy renewal referendum?

I absolutely support the referendum. The state has not kept up with inflation since 2003. The state is approximately $798.00 per year per pupil behind. WE need to continue talking to state representatives to correct this. Until then, we need to unite as a community to provide the best education.

Why or why not should the board be providing information in the schools on U.S. history of race relations?

Schools should be teaching about the history of race relations; it is important that we don’t forget the past nor that we try to change it. Whether race relations are viewed as right or wrong talking about history is very important to understand our country.

Why or why not should the board be providing information in the schools on gender/sexual identity?

Gender and sexual identity information should be provided when requested, school counselors are available and have information for students. Some will say this should only be available at home, but home isn’t always a safe place. The goal is for all students and community members to feel welcome at our schools.

What else would you like to address regarding this election and the position?

We are fortunate to live in New Ulm. We have an outstanding community with great schools and numerous opportunities for all learners. The school and the school board must represent all learners, not just the ones that fit into their mold of “normal.” I represent all learners and will meet with anyone in the community, I would appreciate your vote on November 8th!


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