Mages buys Steffl Insurance

Dan Steffl retires after 42 years

NEW ULM — Clients, family and friends helped Dan Steffl celebrate 42 years in the insurance business with a retirement reception at the New Ulm Country Club Oct. 12.

Sleepy Eye native Jory Mages of Mages Insurance Group LLC based in Owatonna, bought Steffl’s business located at 101 S. Broadway earlier this year.

“I started in business May 1, 1981. Forty-two years later, here I am,” said Steffl. “Jory came along and the time is right. I’ll be turning 65 next March and going on Medicare. I knew it was coming and everything worked out.”

Mages said he’s been in the insurance business for 20 years.

“I grew up in Sleepy Eye and live in Owatonna. We have a strategic partnership in Rochester,” said Mages.

“When the opportunity came up with Dan, we met, had lunch and started talking. It all started to make good sense,” Mages added. “I already have clients around here. Growing up in the area, I got excited when the opportunity started to form up. Gosh, I’m so excited we formed up. It’s so enjoyable every day.

“Dan had so many wonderful clients that come in. they’re good people come in every day and they’re loyal,” said Mages. “It’s fun to have that common thread of family and everyone growing up together. It’s kind of unexpected, but turned out to be better than I expected.”

“We will continue the health insurance realm that Dan did such a good job with. We’ll continue to offer financial life, disability, group health insurance and retirement income planning,” Mages said. “We’ll take care of our nuts and bolts. It seems to be going well.”

A Sleepy Eye St. Mary’s graduate, Mages said he served in the U.S. Marine Corps like his grandpa, dad and brothers.

“I got out (of the Marine Corps) before Iraq and after Desert Storm, doing four years active duty. The Marines have landed. We’ve got two other Marine veterans on our team,” Mages added.

Mages said he shares an Owatonna office with Sleepy Eye native Duane Ludewig.

“I don’t plan to move to New Ulm, but I’m over here a lot. We’re keeping the same office, phone number, same everything. That was important to Dan,” said Mages.

New hires at the office include office administrator Chris Pfeiffer and agent Rich Cody. Mages said former Marines most often in the Rochester office are Mitch Anderson and Chris Martini.


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