Son joins dad at New Ulm Chiropractic

Steven and Daniel Hawkins

NEW ULM — Since April, whenever patients call New Ulm Chiropractic asking for an appointment with Dr. Hawkins, they have to specify which Dr. Hawkins. Do they want Dr. Steven Hawkins or his son Dr. Daniel Hawkins?

After 38 years of working at New Ulm Chiropractic, Dr. Steve Hawkins finally got a chance to work with one of his sons. Steve has three sons, Daniel, Scott and Andrew, all of whom are chiropractors.

From a young age Dr. Hawkins was sharing his passion for chiropractic medicine and it filtered down to the next generation. it was only a matter of time before things fell into proper alignment and one of his kids joined him at the clinic on South Broadway.

“I always hoped one son would return,” Steven Hawkins said. “All of my kids grew up with my philosophy.”

Daniel said from a young age he was considering being a chiropractor. It was always at the top of his list. Initially, he went to school for dentistry but said it never felt right. Chiropractic medicine seems to have a draw for the Hawkins family.

Daniel worked as a chiropractor in the Twin Cities for the last five years. He considered opening a practice in there but wanted to return to New Ulm and keep the family business going. His father has been working at the clinic for nearly four decades. Daniel views the clinic staff and the patients as extended family.

“They helped raise me,” he said.

For Daniel, the appeal of chiropractic getting to know people and help them with their problems.

“We get to see so many people and then see them get healthy,” Daniel said. He estimated on an average day they could see 80 people and be a source of information.

His father agreed it was a strong perk. “We correct the problem, but then we maintain it,” Steven said. “You see patients and they are healthy, but they want to stay healthy.”

Chiropractic medicine has grown in popularity as patients begin to see the benefits of consistent care. By keeping the nervous system functioning, the body as a whole works better.

After two months of working together, Steve and Daniel feel they are great colleagues and the clinic is also doing better as a whole.

“It’s been fun,” Daniel said. “We’re a good balance. I’ve brought down new techniques from the Twin Cities and I am learning a lot from his years of experience.”

“I think we complement each other,” Steven said. “Daniel is a personable guy. He has filled in for me in the past. Patients seem to like and appreciate the arrangement.”

Daniel was the first of Hawkins boy to return to the New Ulm Chiropractic, but he might not be the last. Steve and Daniel both think Scott or Andy might return to work at the family clinic someday if the stars and spines align.


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