MBW Co. celebrates employees

MBW Company honored employees and employee owners for their dedication and years of service. Pictured left to right back row: Ric Nelson- 3 years; Peggy Wilson- 30 years; Nancy Abel- 25 years; Gwen Mack- 10 years; David Simon- 10 years; Steve Isenberg- 10 years; Meghanne Sandmann- 5 years; Megan Rodewald- 15 years; Pictured left to right in the front row:; Mary Deinken- 3 years; Amie Holkesvig- 3 years; Chris Janni- 20 years; Ann Swinford- 3 years; Not Pictured:; Tricia Garza- 3 years; Kaitlynn Kral- 3 years; Ashely Henderson- 3 years; Shelly Peterson- 3 years; Jeanette Kokesch- 5 years; Isaac Pappefuss- 5 years; Marcy Hacker-Enger- 5 years; Angela Serbus- 5 years; Stephanie Grossmann- 5 years; Kristen Forstner- 5 years; Linda Johnson- 10 years; Linda Keim- 10 years; Laura Keene- 20 years; Debra Schaefer- 35 years.