Workshop on workplace diversity in Franklin

FRANKLIN — A workshop on workplace diversity will be held in Franklin in June.

“Changing Times — Changing Faces — Workplace Diversity,” will be held Friday, June 22, 8:30 a.m. to noon, at the Franklin Community Center in Franklin. It will explore these topics and how businesses in southwestern Minnesota are successfully integrating persons from other cultures into their workforces and communities. Network with other businesses as you discuss how diversity can give your business a competitive advantage. Register by June 15, at

“Companies that demonstrate inclusive cultures and and have a diverse workforce, on average, see 39 percent higher customer service satisfaction, 22 percent higher productivity, higher profitability, and less turnover than their counterparts,” according to Gwendolyn Turn, Oracle’s Small and Medium Business Expert. Research shows organizations with employees of different ages, races, genders, religions, physical abilities, and thinking styles perform better. Embracing diversity makes it easier to attract and retain quality employees, enhance performance and innovation, expand your customer base, increase profitability, and reduce risk of litigation. Inclusive businesses demonstrate to talented employees that they are willing to innovate and accept new ideas.

Ron Skjong, Program Manager for Karen Organization of Minnesota, will lead a panel of regional representatives from manufacturing, healthcare, employment and training, and new U.S. residents. The panel will share their workplace practices, personal stories, and program experiences. This interactive discussion will include successes and challenges they have encountered in Southwestern Minnesota and how they affect social, educational, and employment practices.

Luke Greiner, Labor Market Analyst for Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development, will present labor market information and changing demographics – what our workforce looks like now and what it will look like in coming years. Luke welcomes your questions and thoughtful discussion regarding diversity in the workplace.

This event is sponsored by the following regional organizations in response to concerns about the future workforce: Southwest Initiative Foundation, Redwood Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism, Redwood Area Development Corporation, Redwood County EDA, Renville County EDA, Southwest Minnesota Private Industry Council, South Central Workforce Council, Southwest/West Central Service Cooperative, Lower Sioux Community, and Central Minnesota Jobs and Training Services.