Jensen Motors building car wash

Staff photo by Clay Schuldt Jensen Motors has broken ground on a new car wash at 2525 S. Broadway St.

NEW ULM — Jensen Motors has broken ground on a new car wash at 2525 S. Broadway St. near their dealership.

Rick Jensen said the new car wash will be a state-of-the-art tunnel-style car wash. The tunnel is 95 feet long and contains special neo-tech foam material to clean the car without scratching it.

“This is the most recent car wash technology,” Jensen said.

When completed, the car wash will be capable of washing 60 cars an hour. A prep person will be on site to spray off any extra bugs or ice from the car before it goes through the tunnel.

Jensen said this will be one of the rare car washes that is capable of cleaning the center back of vehicle. This is typically the hardest part for a car wash to clean, but the system will be designed to touch up the back of the vehicle at least twice in the washing process.

The car wash bay will be built to accommodate vehicles seven feet two inches in height. Any vehicle that fits in a standard garage will fit in the new car wash.

Jensen said Jensen Motors has been planing to construct this since 2015 but were delayed by the recent road construction. With the new left-hand turn lane, the company has decided to break ground.

“We anticipate lot of cars so we can stack up to 20 cars off the street at one time,” Jensen said. If the wait gets too long, Jensen Motors will allow free use of its car vacuum service for those in line.

The car wash is expected to open in late December. At this time Jensen Motors is still deciding on hours of operation as well as a pricing schedule.

Jensen said there will be a monthly pay option. Customers will be able to pay a monthly fee and wash their vehicles as often as they want for that month.