County caucuses set for Tuesday

Learn about issues, candidates, elect delegates, submit resolutions

BROWN COUNTY — Precinct caucuses will be held Tuesday, Feb. 27, one week before the March 5 Presidential Nomination Primary.

Precinct caucuses are meetings run by Minnesota’s political parties. They are first in a series of meeting where parties may endorse candidates, select delegates and set goals and values (party platforms).

“We encourage Minnesotans to show support for their preferred candidates by participating in the candidate endorsement process that leads up to the state party conventions,” said Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon.

“Going to a caucus is a great way to show support for a candidate, raise an issue that’s important to you, influence who the party will endorse for many offices, and meet people in your community,” Simon said.

“A caucus is a straight-forward approach for citizens to get involved in democracy,” said Brown County Republican Chairman Greg Bartz.

“The three key objectives at each caucus are learning about issues and candidates, electing delegates to the Brown County Republican Convention and submitting resolutions to the state party platform. Each caucus site is led by local volunteers,” added Bartz.

“We encourage people to take a bit of time on Tuesday evening to participate with their neighbors in this grassroots process. Just show up. It truly does have an impact,” Bartz said.

Brown County Republican caucuses will be held in New Ulm, Sleepy Eye and Springfield.

“This is the first step in grassroots organizing,” Brown County DFL Committee Chair Lori Sellner. “People have a chance to pass resolutions they want candidates to run on during the elections.”

There are several resolutions that could be presented during the precinct caucuses from rural development and regenerative agriculture to passage of the Equal Right Amendment.

Sellner said this is only the second time in Minnesota history where the caucuses were separate from the presidential primary. Minnesota is one of the rare states that still has a caucus option.

“Even though you don’t vote for president during the caucus, it allows people to discuss their preferences,” she added.

Seller is expecting a descent turnout on Tuesday.

“I’ve heard from new people they will attend this years caucus,” she said. “That is always encouraging.”

Brown County DFL caucuses will be held in New Ulm, Sleepy Eye and Hanska.

Caucus location information is also available on the Minnesota Secretary of State website: https://caucusfinder.sos.state.mn.us.

Where to go

for caucuses

There are six caucus sites located in Brown County. All precinct caucuses will start at 7 p.m. Tuesday. GOP will open registration at 6:15 p.m. DFL opens registration at 6:30 p.m.

DFL caucus sites

• New Ulm High School, 1600 Oak Street, New Ulm

This is the caucus site for all the precincts in New Ulm as well as township of Cottonwood, Milford and Sigel.

• Sleepy Eye Public Elementary Library, 4th Ave. SW, Sleepy Eye

This is the caucus site for all precincts in Sleepy Eye, Springfield, Cobden and Comfrey, Evan as well as the townships of Eden, Home, Leavenworth, Prairieville, Bashaw, Burnstown, Mulligan, North Start and Stately.

• Hanksa Community Center, 201 Broadway St., Hanska

This is the caucus site for all precincts in Hanska as well as the township of Albin, Lake Hanska and Linden.

GOP caucus sites

• New Ulm Community Center, 600 N. German Street

This is the caucus site for all precincts in New Ulm and Hanska, as well as the townships of Cottonwood, Lake Hanska, Linden, Milford and Sigel.

• Sleepy Eye Public School Cafeteria, 400 4th Ave. SW

This is the caucus or all the precincts in Sleepy Eye , Evan and Cobden as well as the townships of Albin, Eden, Home, Leavenworth, Prairieville and Stark will caucus at this location.

• Springfield American Legion Post #257, 5 N. O’Connell Ave.

Springfield and Comfrey as well as the township of Bashaw, Burnstown, Mulligan, North Start and Stately and included at this location.


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