New Ulm Medical Center receives award

New Ulm Medical Center staff received an award for work educating local students in healthcare careers. Several NUMC staff help provide educational experiences for area students. Some of the many staff members helping to recruit the next generation of medical providers include (L to R): Dr. Daryn Collins, Kari Pagel, RN, Jennifer Brehmer, Director Patient Care Services, Dr. Francille Knowles, Jace Leslie, RPAP student, Dr. Keary Johnson

NEW ULM– The Allina Health New Ulm Medical Center has received an award for work educating local students in healthcare careers.

The Workforce pipelines and partnerships award was given by the Minnesota Hospital Association recognizing work done to retain and recruit healthcare workers.

New Ulm Medical Center received the award for work including the Rural Physician Associate Program, Rural Medical Scholars Program, LPN student program with South Central College, Network New Ulm Youth, Scrub Club and New Ulm High School medical terminology class.

Allina Health HR Director Brandon Macemon is thrilled with the program’s results. “Since we are engaged from pre-career to starting a career, the whole process has been a big success.” Macemon said. “It is a continuous process. Our partnership with New Ulm High School and South Central College has been having the most impact.”

The advantage of this program is creating home-grown talent. “The biggest benefit is getting the community involved with the hospital and investing in the workforce from across the state. Seeing what we have done attracts people from across the state to go into these careers.” Macemon said.

“The biggest thing is we have moved through COVID and now as we are moving back to normal we have more opportunities and it is getting better.” Macemon said. “COVID presented challenges and now we are able to move forward and expand our programs.”

As for these programs’ future, Allina Health is looking to continually engage in education and expand their opportunities.

“We are looking to continue collaboration with Springfield and New Ulm schools to introduce local teens to healthcare careers and encourage them to come back when they are done with their schooling.” Macemon said. “The look is always to continue to expand. The more we can expose the upcoming leadership of kids who are growing up to healthcare careers, we are always looking for those opportunities.”

Students interested in this career path are encouraged to contact their school.


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