Off the Shelf: Check out an e-book on the Libby app!

New Ulm Public Library patrons have access to the Libby app, which allows you to access e-books and audiobooks from Overdrive. It’s simple, fun, and free to use! Libraries pay for a subscription to the Overdrive platform, which allows their patrons to download e-materials at home from their phones, tablets, or computers. New Ulm Public Library subscribes to the service through the Traverse des Sioux Library Cooperative. All the materials are available to borrowers within the nine counties of the Traverse des Sioux region.

The Libby app was released by Overdrive a number of years ago. They also have an Overdrive app. Personally I find the Libby app so much more user-friendly than the Overdrive app.

A few reasons why:

• You can switch between library cards and libraries.

• You can add all of your libraries if you belong to several and add multiple cards for each library. So, if you have a New Ulm Public Library card and vacation or live half the year elsewhere, you can add your second library to the app.

• It doesn’t log you out. Overdrive tends to log you out especially if you’re on a computer. In the past, it also didn’t always save your library card number.

One thing that the Libby app doesn’t do:

• You can’t request that the Traverse des Sioux Library Cooperative buy a book for the Overdrive collection. In order to recommend a read, you have to request it through a computer or the Overdrive app.

Things that both app do:

• You can tag books and record your reading history.

• When an e-book or audiobook is downloaded in the app, you can read or listen without needing an internet connection.

• And the magical one: materials are automatically returned for you!

For those new to e-books, library staff is available to help you get started. Please make an appointment by calling the library at 507-359-8331 to set up a time with Reference staff. Allow 15-20 minutes for your appointment. Bring your phone, tablet, laptop, or e-reader with you.

The Overdrive e-materials, located at tds.overdrive.com, is a growing collection. There are over 14,000 titles, ranging from children’s to adult. There is a high demand for audiobooks and the consortium is committed to building that collection. All the titles that are purchased for the collection are chosen by committee members of the Traverse des Sioux e-Resources Committee. Staff at your local library put in recommendations of titles to purchase but we do not oversee purchases for the collection. Take the app on a spin and check out an e-book or audiobook on the Libby app!

The library is located at 17 N. Broadway and is open to the public Monday to Thursdays 9:30 a.m.-8 p.m. and Friday and Saturdays 9:30 a.m.-5 p.m. As always, we look forward to seeing you in the library soon!


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